A Celebration Of Shakti Within Atulya Nari

After the successful quiz on India - Atulya Bharat, we received several messages to continue the series on India centric topics. The best among them was a suggestion by Ishita Das, an ex Senior Manager at Genpact, to host a quiz on the Indian women achievers. Besides helping with the content, she also volunteered to co host the event. The idea of “Atulya Nari” quiz was thus born!

The content for the quiz was finalized within few days of announcing the contest. However, the most difficult part of hosting this event was to get the participants to register!

In the process of garnering registrations, some respondents we approached, bombarded us with messages saying 'The topic is too narrow', 'We are not aware of many women achievers', and the most entertaining of the responses we received read - 'we don't know women'!!!

However, post the quiz, some people who had apprehensions on the content, got back to us saying the quiz was awesome and accessible to all.

As organisers, what was really heartening for us was that, when we closed out registrations, this was one of those rare quizzes in the Pan India Circuit which saw equal participation from both the genders. We consider that rare feat to be a big achievement. With "Atulya Nari" we have been able to break the glass ceiling.

The quiz was hosted on 23rd August, with prelims kick starting at 11:45 AM on YouTube.

Click here to watch Prelims questions

Registered participants were given an answer sheet to submit answers within a limited time. Post the submission of the answer forms, the Q/A of the Prelims were hosted through a live YouTube stream.

Click here to watch Prelims Q&A

Post the google form corrections, top six from the open category and top six from the school category were selected to compete in the finals. Open and school finals were held back to back respectively.

The open finals was initially a close fight but at the end we did not have a tough task of shooting tie breakers to decide the winners.

The school final was a close fight from the first to last questions; The toppers had very close margins. It was heartening to see a girl win the junior finals!

Here is the list of finalists and toppers...

Click here to watch the finals

Despite the desperate attempts by some to derail, the quiz turned out to be a huge success. The mantra of the success being accessible to all and hence, participation fun. YouTube Live streaming of the finals recreated a virtual Quiz show which we are unable to do now, given the Pandemic.

We will always remember the Atulya Nari quiz with fond memories as to be one of the rare Pan India quiz demystifying the gender bias in participation.

Thank you all for the enthusiastic participation and support.

Do we consider our mission accomplished? Really? Not yet!

We have a long way to go. Come join us to register in our next quiz in association with Gyaanspace(click here)

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