The Incredible Quiz Series!

Ever heard about a Pakistani registering to participate in a quiz on India?

Ever saw a 5th grade kid competing in a tightly contested quiz with an experienced and 60 year old quizzer?

Yes! Such incredible things happened at the Atulya Bharat Quiz!

120 participants - 24 simple but mind twisting questions - 20 minutes - 100s of live viewers on YouTube - On 1 August happened the Atulya Bharat Quiz. Participants from not just across the country but also from the UK, USA, Oman, and Pakistan came together to take part in the first quiz of Incredible(Atulya) quiz series on India by TackOn.

Motivated by the success of Atulya Bharat and the love received from all the participants and viewers we are hosting a new quiz on Indian Women on 23rd of August, 2020. We call this quiz - Atulya Nari!

This quiz on Indian women will be a celebration of Shakti within Atulya Nari. We invite you to participate and get a taste of how an accessible to all quiz looks like. And if you are non quizzer, this quiz will surely serve as a visa to the secret world of Quizzing. Believe us, this is no less amusing than the secret magic world of Harry Potter. In fact, we even have a representative in Rajya Sabha!

Atulya Nari Quiz is open to all for participation, irrespective of the gender, age, nationality....

Prizes of worth ₹7000 to be won and the participation certificates will be awarded to all!

There will be 2 separate finals for the open category and the school students.

Here is the poster followed by the link to register

Click here to participate in Atulya Nari Quiz

Click here to see the prelims of Atulya Bharat Quiz

Click here to see the finals of Atulya Bharat Quiz

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