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Atulya Bharat 2.0 | A Journey

Probably for the first time we at TackOn and XQuizIt hosted an India quiz with uniform content in eight major languages of India simultaneously. As expected the contest witnessed the participation from all the parts of the country and not just form the tier I cities but also from the smaller towns!

The contest went live at 9 PM on 18 October in Telugu, Thamizh, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Bengali, Assamese, and Hindi. It was a multiple-choice quiz held on The registered participants had a slot of 9 - 10 PM where they can open and attempt the quiz as per their convenience.

We went live on YouTube at 10 PM to reveal the answers to the quiz. Click here to watch the video...

Here is the list of top 10% of the winners of the contest...

All the winners will get double their registration fee as the prize.

You can view the questions and answers in respective languages at this link -

Stay tuned to TackOn Calendar and do take part in our upcoming event on 23 October - Atulya Vanjya, a business quiz by TackOn.

Atulya Vanijya will be a standard quiz in prelims and finals format. Click here to register.

See you all in Atulya Vanijya. Hurry up, register soon!

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