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Our Projects

Customer engagement content for SBI-MF

This project was undertaken in association with the India Business Quiz. We curated content aimed at educating the social media followers of the company about the personal finance and mutual funds related subjects.

Weekly quizzes at Vasavi College, Hyderabad

This was a series of 16 quizzes over 8 weeks aimed at engaging and enlightening the students about rare facts and trivia that we ignore to notice around in our daily lives.

A quiz for rural government schools

This project was carried out under Quriosity Knowledge Solutions in association with e-Vidyaloka. It was aimed at communicating and engaging the students of rural government schools across states of AP, Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu. We took the responsibility of Telugu states by curating, translating and hosting the quizzes through various mediums which included paper, video and live interaction through Skype across a network of schools in two states.

Women's Day Quiz

Her'Day Quiz was curated and hosted at SAIL, Rourkela on the ocassion of Women's Day. It was later hosted across various esteemed universities across India by their respective quiz clubs.

Customer engagement content for SBM

This project is again being carried out in association with India Business Quiz. Aimed at engaging the customers of SBM through their social media platforms.

Water Quiz

Initially planned to be hosted at SAIL and other universities on the occasion of World Water Day, the unprecedented pandemic and the lockdown opened to us a new world of online quizzing. Water Quiz was hosted in association with Manthan Adhyayan Kendra (an NGO working on water-related issues) on our social media platforms, as an awareness quiz on the topics like the importance of water in our lives and its conservation.

Regional Language Quizzes

Quizzes in regional languages have been our latest initiative on our Facebook page. It all started with a bilingual quiz on Telugu and Tamil cinema. People, especially non-quizzers participated in the quiz followed by the lovely reviews. This inspired quizzers and quizmasters of other regional languages to come forward and host the quizzes in their respective languages. You can follow this series on our Facebook page. A quiz on Kerala in this series is being done in association with Chai Pe Quiz(Cochin Quiz Club).

Quizzes in Hyderabad and more

We have the experience of hosting quizzes at colleges and clubs in Hyderabad, Mangaluru, Nellore and Chennai. Which includes St. Joseph's Degree College(HYD), Narayana MBA College(NLR), St. Aloysius College(Mangaluru), Chennai Quiz Factory (Chennai), K-Circle, St Joseph's College(Mangaluru), among others.

Content for TV shows and quizzes

We also curate/curated content for the TV shows and quizzes hosted by other knowledge companies.

Inter and intra college quizzes at UPES

As the only quiz club at college, in initial days we gained a couple. Opportunities to host quizzes that were organised by other clubs and departments in the university.

TackOn App

We are working on to launch an unique app by integrating quizzing with news like never before. Stay tuned for more updates!


GiftOn is our latest initiative of making personalised knowledge gifts. (Coming soon)

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