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Mastering millinery since 2015

The word Milliner originally meant a 'native of Milan', later it was used to refer a person who dealt with the fashion goods from Milan which once reigned as the fashion capital of Europe. However, the word later came to mean a hat maker and remained there ever since.


So, we make hats? - No!

But, inspired by Edward De Bono's 'Six Thinking Hats' we tailor the content that throws challenges at your awesome brain and thus enabling you to develop TACTICS for innovatively thinking about a particular topic!


Tack-on is an American slang term for sticking or connecting unrelated things. TackOn enables your brain to develop the Tactics by Tacking on various things simultaneously.

TackOn started off as a knowledge club by a bunch of college kids in 2015 at UPES, Dehradun with an aim to connect all the knowledge and quiz enthusiasts on campus. Soon after, we started hosting inter and intra college quizzes at the university. Although the club exists no more, TackOn emerged as a unique brand under the leadership of Vishnu and Meghavi, catering its services to the wide range of entities which include schools, colleges, NGOs, corporates etc., with quizzes, customer engagement content, and other knowledge services. Meghavi is also the co-founder of Quriosity Knowledge Solutions and she has an unique distinction of being India's first female professional quizmaster!


Simply, we tell stories by asking questions and igniting your brains with our tailor-made thinking hats!

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