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Mastering Millinery Since 2015
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What Is Millinery?

'Milliner' originally meant a person from Milan, Italy, and later referred to those who dealt with Milanese fashion goods, as Milan was the fashion capital of Europe.

Over time, the term came to be associated with hat-making and has remained that way.

Do We Make Hats?

No! But we are inspired by Edward De Bono's "Six Thinking Hats" to customise our content and challenge your mind. 

We aim to help you develop innovative thinking tactics on any topic, providing a structured approach to problem-solving, encouraging diverse perspectives, and exploring creative solutions through our quizzes and content.

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What Is 'TackOn'?

"Tack-on" is a slang term in American English that refers to the act of sticking or connecting unrelated things. 

At TackOn, we use this concept to help your brain develop tactics by simultaneously connecting various ideas and perspectives. By bringing together seemingly unrelated concepts, we aim to help you expand your thinking and generate new and innovative ideas.

TackOn's Journey From A Club To A Company

TackOn started as a knowledge club for quiz enthusiasts at Dehradun.We quickly grew in popularity and expanded to hosting engaging entertaining and knowledge-oriented quizzes at educational institutes and corporations throughout India. 


Although the club is no longer active, TackOn Knowledge Solutions has since emerged as a unique brand and company under the visionary leadership of Vishnu and team.

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Knowledge Solutions For A Knowledge Economy

Our services now cater to government departments, educational institutes, NGOs, and corporations, offering engaging quizzes, customer engagement content, web design and development services, and other knowledge

based solutions. We have created dynamic offerings that empower individuals and organisations to enhance their knowledge and engage with their audiences in exciting new ways.

Simply, we tell stories by asking questions and ignite your brains with our tailor-made content with a zeal to be part of India's journey as a Knowledge Economy!

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