The Team

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Chief Content Tailor

Vishnu is a well-recognised quiz master and content curator having hosted 300+ quizzes across the country.


Apart from the live quiz events, he has experience working with corporate clientele to deliver customer engagement content in the most appealing formats with his sharp eye on content design.

Vishnu ideated and executed well-received initiatives like multi-language '8th Scheduled Quizzes' and the 'Atulya' series of quizzes.

+91 9032705011

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Chief Content Presenter

Being India’s first woman professional Quizmaster, Meghavi is among the most renowned faces in the Indian quizzing circuit.

Well known for her quick wit and audience engagement, Meghavi’s quizzes are most popular for the reasoning and the logical elements involved, rather than being just well-researched memory games.

Her immense experience includes 700+ events across 4 nations around the globe, clients ranging from SBI to NDTV.

+91 9972684835

Quizmaster meghavi.JPG