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Aj video
AJ Instructions


The quiz will be hosted through the video stream. The event will start sharp at 8PM on 27th March.

Only registered participants will be able to submit answers. ENTER YOUR REGISTERED EMAIL ID to submit your answers

Each question will be dispalyed for a limited period of time and the questions will not be repeated. However you can rewind the video and go through the questions again.

Enter simple and to the point answers only in lowercase letters without any special charecters like . , ? / ! or numbers

Extra answers and charecters will not fetch you any points and might even invalidate your answer. There are NO NEGATIVE points.

After every answer, click 'Next' to enter next answer. The answer sheet will close exactly one minute after one minute after the end of last question in the quiz.

Do not refresh this page during the quiz, you might lose the answers you already entered

Use ear phones for better experiance.

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