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Atulya Bharat Quiz Prelims

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

A young kid in the class 5 competed against a retired elderly person. For the first time ever (probably) a Pakistani register for an India Quiz. 117 people registered from across the country. In fact, not just from across the country but from the USA, Canada, Pakistan, UK have taken part in the quiz. Which quiz? Of course the Atulya Bharat!

When we ideated the quiz we were even skeptical of getting 20 registrations! People asked, "Who's gonna pay and participate in a quiz that will be hosted on YouTube? " But, we knew that people are tired of lengthy quizzes on Zoom and Google meet just like we are. And guess what, we are right, people loved the event. We hope you will love it too. Have a look at the prelims here.

You loved it, didn't you? What's your score? The highest was 21, while the average was around 14 and the cutoff was 19.

Let us know in the comments section.

8 finalists were selected from this prelims in the open section, and they are:

Raja CQF, Ishita, Jayakanthan, Manas Deep, Arun TP, Swetha, Ritwik, and Chinmoy.

Also we had special finals for school students only, for the top 8 scorers of the school category and they are, Ketan, Vijay Prasad, Shikar, Anurag, Ananth Krishna, Thridha, and Juswin.

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