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Crafting Effective and Engaging Quiz Questions: A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever tried to make an engaging quiz but did not know how to do it? In this blog post, we'll be exploring the art of creating quiz questions that are not only simple and clear but also informative and engaging. Unlike our usual content, this post won't be filled with interesting facts; instead, we'll be sharing tips on how to frame questions about such tidbits of information.

Why are we writing this?

After each event we host, our Quizmasters and support team are bombarded with inquiries from organizers and the audience. They're curious about the content creation process and the minds behind those engaging questions. Many express interest in joining our content team, but upon joining, they often struggle with generating simpler questions. It's not an exclusive skill, and it's certainly not rocket science. Here are 7 tips we share with our team:

1. What is a quiz?

First and foremost, it's crucial to understand what a quiz is. It's not an exam; we're not testing memory skills. A quiz should prompt individuals to think, arrive at answers, and simultaneously impart new knowledge.

2. Look around you

The answers to your questions are often right in front of you. Instead of spending hours on internet searches, observe your surroundings—whether it's something in your kitchen, on TV, or in the news. For instance, checking the time on your watch could spark multiple question ideas.

3. Decide the answer - Make the question

Once you've identified a topic, decide on the answer you want participants to reach. This narrows your focus and makes it easier to craft a relevant and engaging question.

4. Avoid algebra and blanks

Steer clear of unnecessary complexity. Avoid using variables like abc and xyz; they only serve to complicate questions and can be a turnoff for participants.

5. Start with W or H

Always try to start your question with words like What, Why, When, Which, Who, or How. This not only shortens the question but also makes it more accessible and engaging for participants.

6. Use images

Consider incorporating visuals into your questions. Images can replace lengthy text, making the question more visually appealing and enjoyable for participants.

7. Aesthetics matter

Don't neglect the look of your question. Aesthetics matter just as much as the content. Ensure your questions are well-designed, creating an enjoyable experience for participants.

To understand these 7 steps with an example, do watch our video on YouTube by our Chief Content Tailor and Quizmaster Vishnu:

Remember, the goal is to create questions that are not only informative but also enjoyable. By following these steps, you can engage your audience while providing them with a learning experience. At TackOn, we believe in the perfect blend of aesthetics and content to make your quiz questions truly enjoyable. So go ahead, start crafting those intriguing questions!

Engaging content, beautiful aesthetics and a good quizmaster makes a perfect quiz!

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