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8th Schedule Quizzes | Season 2

Firstly, a huge shoutout to all the participants who enthusiastically participated and encouraged us from the very firstTelugu-Tamil Quizuntil the last Hindi Quiz in Season 1 of the 8th  Schedule Quizzes.

And a special thanks to the person who inspired us to come up with the first bilingual quiz, which in turn encouraged others to host and take part in the quizzes of their respective languages and thus culminating  in the initiative of "8th Schedule Quizzes." Also, the credit of naming the initiative after a schedule in Indian Constitution goes to Ananya Upadhya, the founder of 'A HERd of Quizzers' (A popular Instagram page).

Now, we announce the Season 2 of 8th Schedule Quizzes with quizzes in Telugu, Bengali, Tamil and more lined up over the next few weeks. Schedule of which will be updated soon on our social media platforms. We look forward for your active and enthusiactic participation in the season 2 as well! 

All except the last of the Season 1 quizzes were hosted onFacebookLive. However, after receiving the requests from several people who do not have access to Facebook, we are now planning to host allTackOn'sfuture live quizzes on our YouTube channel. Hence we recommend you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Facebook page for all the future updates.

YouTube Channel

Facebook Page

Quizmasters of Season 1: Bodhanapu Vishnu(Telugu), Raja KV, Md Ansar(Tamil), Pabitra Narayan(Odia), Anindita Basu Roy(Bengali), Madhur Tike(Marathi), Sundeep Kamath(Kannada), Aravind Anil(Malayalam), and Nishant Nihar(Hindi).

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